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FutureICX AMA with nblaze (Midos) and the ICON Pilipinas Community

Hello ICONists! Today we’re happy to outline and highlight the intricate components of FutureICX, our vision for the dapp’s future and the reason for its creation through this AMA with ICON Pilipinas. Many community members have highlighted questions they’d like answered and were happy to discuss the foundations of our project, our ideas and how FutureICX differentiates itself from other gamified trading applications within the blockchain sphere! We look forward to answering all of your questions!
nblaze: Hey everyone! As most of you probably know I’m nblaze from ICON P-Rep team Midos and together with the P-Rep team Sharpn we have built the app, which was released earlier this week. This has been quite a long and exciting journey which started almost a year ago and we are all very excited that we have finally been able to achieve such a successful app release with so much positive feedback coming in our direction.
Jenny: How did you come up with the idea for FutureICX and how was this project started?
nblaze: Well, as a long-term holder of ICX, I have always been fascinated by ICON’s system and was looking into ways to contribute to it. I began extensive research surrounding the best P-Rep teams to delegate my ICX to, but somehow this did not feel enough, and I wanted to do more for the chain (and respectively for my investment). After jumping through a lot of different plans and ideas, including lotteries, raffles, games, payment systems etc., I noticed that a lot of people in the trading channels love to make predictions; long story short, approximately half a year later I partnered with the Sharpn P-Rep team. We’re extremely grateful for a Grant that the ICON Foundation and the ICONation teams provided us and we continue to press forward with amazing results.
Jay: Throughout the entire development journey, there's sure to be plenty of ups and downs experienced. What's one particular fond memory that stands out to you the most?
nblaze: Oh, I would need to go all the way back to the planning phase of FutureICX. I had gone to bed pretty late one night as I was very excited about the Dapp idea, but somehow, I constantly kept hitting a brick wall in trying to figure out how it would work. No matter what I thought of, several hours of planning later I have thought of something critical that would be a major issue. That night I was tired and honestly becoming a bit discouraged that I would never find a system that would work. After going to sleep, I woke up approximately an hour later with a clear idea about the system that I would like to use for FutureICX. I had no sleep from this moment onwards, just got to my computer and worked on it all night. It was really an ‘Eureka’ moment that I'm quite fond of.
Jenny: What are your plans, either near-term or longer-term now that FutureICX has been released?
nblaze: Of course, we are still working on FutureICX’s current state and are making sure that everything is running well. The app is stable, and players are happy with it. We have already started making plans for our next development stage through and although I cannot share very much, I can tell you that we are aiming for 3 additional original trading games, additional trading pair predictions and maybe even different crypto payment options. Hopefully everything will go well, and we would be able to reach those targets (and who knows, maybe more).
Twitter and Telegram follower questions
theanerz: What is the Mission and Vision of FutureICX?
nblaze: I like this question as it is simple and yet very complicated to answer. FutureICX is aiming to be a multi-purpose platform that could be used by a wide range of players. It could be used as a mean to get additional gains from trading, as a learning tool, as a proof-of-skill or even as a fun app that you can have fun and gamble on. It is also very beneficial to the ICON chain as it not only creates transactions, it could also be a replacement of the ‘exchange’ trading in which no ICX are leaving the system (thus reducing sell pressure and increasing the price of ICX) and finally as a tool which can reduce the circulating supply as the ICX tokens placed in predictions are locked until the outcome is processed.
I wrote an article a few days ago about this exact topic – what has inspired us to make the app and what are the benefits of using it. Anyone interested can find it at this link:
ricnnobre: FutureICX is a platform for traders and therefore a minimum of knowledge in technical analysis is needed to predict where the value of ICX is going. Doesn't that restrict the audience that will use the platform?
nblaze: True, the platform is for the most part aimed at traders, however most people that trade in it are not professionals. This allows for beginner traders to have a tool where they can compete with a lot of similar skilled traders instead of professionals, whales and institutional traders and this makes FutureICX a good learning tool to use. The prediction times are also fixed so this eliminates second-guessing and reacting emotionally on a trade that you have already set. As you are not competing against the bank, this also gives the players the opportunity to progress with their prediction sizes as they get better and even potentially make a living out of this if they are good enough and hit their predictions on a regular basis.
It can of course also be used as a fun gambling tool as a lot of traders seem to be using the exchanges for that anyway.
RGerburt: DApps in which users spend money without obtaining any benefit causes loss of interest over time. Does FutureICX have any form of reward for traders who fail to succeed in their predictions? How to maintain the loyalty of users, mainly those who are not good traders?
nblaze: We have put in great efforts in trying to be helpful to such players. FutureICX offers dividend returns (each 1 icx that you spend gives you 1 dividend point and the dividend points respectively give you a % of the dividend pool, which is 10% of the amount of ICX that all players spend, at the end of the week – you can see details of that on top of the main screen and in the ‘help’ section, which is the place where our system’s theory is located). One of our awards also gives returns to the player that has spent the most. If that doesn’t work, you can always go for an ‘influencer’ strategy and have your friends and followers generate dividends for you (every 1 icx spent by someone that registered via your affiliate link gives you 0.5 dividend points)
lavicrep69: They call us Betlords of the Icon Pilipinas we are one of many supporters of FutureICX. I just would like to know, because for us statistics and achievements are really a big deal. I saw the "Tropies (Sniper, Marksman, Cannoneer, Monthly) and the ICX reward" that you will get from consistent playing/predicting. I’m just wondering if you have global ranking of top players on each trophy or tier like a data base link on blockchain that we can always check to improve our standing? And will we have a "copy prediction options?” I’m sure it will be a good idea coz we can follow players and see their statistics.
nblaze: There are such options, but we are planning to expand on those. In your ‘Profile’ page you can see how many awards you have earned, the most recent ones and how much you have earned through them. The monthly awards are also giving a monthly ranking of the top 10 players and giving them rewards for it. However, we do understand that we will need to and will improve even more in this direction
nhene00: The market today has a lot of development projects on the blockchain platform. One of the factors that makes the platform appealing to many users is its special features. So, what are the outstanding features and advantages of FutureICX to attract users and investors?
nblaze: We truly believe that our app was designed in a really unique way. You have the exchanges, binary options and futures on one hand, you have the raffles, lotteries, casinos and games on the other. We try to be none of those and to provide a new experience to our players. We also think that we offer a unique system, created from scratch, that benefits a lot of different types of players and strategies. As every other platform though, we would need the users/community’s support and feedback in order to progress even further. We do not believe that this will be an issue with ICON’s community though.
ThomaXMiller: How will the dividends/point system work? When will the $3000 Pool be distributed?
nblaze: You earn dividend points with every prediction that you and your affiliates make, and you get a % of all prediction amounts respectively to the amount of points that you have at the end of the week
CHARLoTTE9o: If it’s less risky and much more profitable for traders, how will you and the whole team benefit from this?
nblaze: The app has built in 5% commission, that is how we profit (you can see the full details in the 'help' page of the app). It is also not much more profitable for all traders of course; it simply provides better opportunities (according to our own deductions of course) than a normal exchange would.
Ketz23: DeFi is one of the hottest topics in the blockchain space right now. Can $ICX share your opinions on DeFi with us? Do you think that DeFi will disrupt the existing financial system? What is Unification approach towards the DeFi sector?
nblaze: I don’t think that I’m qualified enough to give such comprehensive opinion in Defi in general I’m afraid.
willydavec1: You mentioned earlier about gambling, more games to play,
In this era where there are tons of cryptocurrency gambling addicts, do you have any plans to minimize their addiction? A good project needs to care for its users/gamblers/players. Do you have any plans for them, any limitations? For example, 1000 USD worth of loss, they must be restricted for a few hours, something like that.
nblaze: I believe that it would be hard to get addicted to our app - its 1 prediction/day or week, that is not a major concern imo. Also please keep in mind that this is no gambling application - you are not playing against the house and you can easily be profitable long term. So, an 'addiction' could mean improving your trading skills and making a living out of this.
Neajmik: The hardest thing about any business is not building a product. What is often the hardest is getting people to use the product. How will FUTUREICX team resolve this to make your project become mass adopted and be more attractive in investotraders eyes?
nblaze: True, we are doing our best from the app's side - getting feedback, building a product that our players like, promoting it to the best of our abilities. I think that the rest is up to the actual players: if they like it, they will naturally promote the product. I also think that the affiliate system would help a lot with that as a player could earn by being a 'promoter' and not even playing a single game (although not playing would limit his potential gains).
SiliLovers: How does it feel after the first daily prediction was resolved earlier?
nblaze: Amazing. 2500 ICX placed in predictions on the first day, quite a bit of positive feedback, happy winners all around. I love it!
lavicrep69: If I am an ICONist and use d’apps like ICONbet how will you convince me to play FutureICX if it was my first time?
nblaze: We wouldn’t. We believe that ICONBet has their own player market and we have ours. The activities on both platforms are completely different so there will be no need to pull players from one to the other. ICONists could play easily play on both and be equally happy with their experience
Neajmik: What are the ways that FUTUREICX generates profits to maintain your project and how can it benefit both investotraders and your project simultaneously?
nblaze: We have a 5% commission for that, so we don’t actually aim to benefit from the players' losses, on the contrary, we try to limit them for the less experienced traders. That is why each prediction amount is split into: 80% into the selected reward period pool, 5% towards the weekly/monthly awards, 10% towards the dividends and 5% to our team so we can keep improving the Dapp. That gives players opportunities to gain, even if their prediction did not come true
HiImGroot: What are your plans for global expansion; is FutureICX focusing on only trading at this time or are you focused on building and developing your Dapp for more quality experience with users?
nblaze: We’re hoping that with the second phase of our app we will be able to go into different crypto markets as well. This is still a long shot of a plan and requires a lot of variables to piece together but if we are able to do this, that would generate ICX transactions (as our Dapp is fully based on the ICON chain) while we are processing predictions that are payed with other cryptocurrencies.
matT325: Where do you see FutureICX 2 or 3 years from now?
nblaze: As a large gamified trading platform with a lot of players, many more trading games and options and working with a lot of different chains and projects while generating icx transactions in the process.
LadyCrows: To advertise a project, you need to provide benefits and features, security aspects of the project. How does FutureICX differ from other decentralized trading applications?
nblaze: There are quite a bit, so I’m not sure that I can list all of them in one short message. We have multiple gain channels, tiered rewards, dividends, awards, independent affiliate gains, our Dapp is fully decentralized (so every transaction is secure and verifiable), we are using a decentralized oracle for results (fairness and security), our tx process time is short and recorded on the chain thanks to ICON as well.
ThePredator11: Why did you choose this platform name "FutureICX?
nblaze: This was entirely a team Sharpn contribution. I picked Midos as an app name - they suggested FutureICX and we went with it and kept Midos as the name of my P-Rep instead.
CryptoHodler22: If you put in an amount of $ICX for a long term prediction you can't stake them. Is there a form of divided for long-term wages?
nblaze: That is absolutely correct – you would not receive any staking rewards for the duration of the prediction and that is the main reason that we have not set up a ‘monthly’ prediction or something like that. FutureICX is not aimed to make long-term holders to unstake their bags and come play. It is focused on the circulating ICX that instead of going to the exchanges, can come to ICX and have greater benefits from that.
In terms of if the players are not losing from locking their ICX into a prediction on FutureICX, instead of staking them, the staking rewards for 10 days are around 0.2% - with FutureICX the rewards start from 120% and you could earn up to 450%/day if you know what you are doing
I think that as with anything else, you have to balance your targets and decide what would be the best strategy for your money
Ramle13747634: What is the greatest risk that you've taken before you do the first move of making the FutureICX that was released recently? Is it worth it to take the risk?
nblaze: I think that building FutureICX was a very large risk in itself for me as in order for the project to see the light of day, I have personally spent almost an year working on it without any payment so far (while financing some parts of the app’s development out of my own pocket) and without any guarantees that I would be able to finish it. However I think that it was worth the risk and I would definitely do it again – I have not done this app to make money and have no delusions that it will make me rich or something. Im just happy that Im seeing it live and players loving it so far. This motivates me to develop FutureICX even further and provide even more fun experiences for the Iconists
Neajmik: You received a lot of questions related to utilities and technology, future vision etc. So now I want to ask what do you want to receive from the community?
nblaze: The greatest support that we can receive from the community is spreading the word about our app, about your opinion of it (good or bad it doesn’t matter – you are entitled of your own). At the end of the day, we have designed the app to be attractive to newcomers and to reward properly the proactive players assisting us with that task (via the affiliate bonuses), however our PR resources are limited and we would appreciate any help that we could get.
So if I have to summarize – talk with people, brag, show off, discuss, even rant about FutureICX to people, it will all be of help to us and will also earn you extra gains 😉.
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Banca internacional #07 CH – Investment banking, arbitrage, crypto y hedging diario

Este contenido fue publicado originalmente el 21/10/2019 - Aca
Posts anteriores de la serie

Este es el primer post en el que me han ayudado tres usuarios residentes en la República Argentina. Los conejillos de Indias de la Banca Internacional que dieron un paso al frente mediante una pesquisa vía discord de mi parte.
Bajo un acuerdo unánime y siguiendo el modus operandi de Banca Internacional, se los mantendrá en el anonimato. Los detalles sobre las transacciones, tarjetas y bancos de Argentina han sido posible gracias a ellos, inclusive del tacaño.

Durante los dos últimos meses han cambiado montones de cosas en la República Argentina. De los eventos que son de mi interés, se han impuesto controles de capitales conocidos localmente como el “cepo cambiario” y mediante estos posts algunos usuarios han expresado interés en servicios, divisas o inversiones las cuales no están disponibles en Argentina.
Más allá de los cambios a nivel económico, se han generado oportunidades de inversión local vía arbitrage. En principio de Bonos como el AY24 hasta que el Banco Central de la Republica Argentina actuó para mitigar el fácil acceso al yield que esta operatoria generaba. Luego, bajo una operatoria similar un gran grupo de usuarios se volcó a realizar arbitrage de crypto-assets. En general topándose con problemas de libre movimiento de capital desde y hacia los exchanges o viéndose forzados a pagar comisiones medianamente altas las que disminuían el yield de la operatoria. Este post, ofrece una solución efectiva a este problema de manera (esperemos) permanente.
Otros usuarios han demostrado interés en poder resguardarse de una futura crisis en el Dólar Americano, vía depósitos en Francos Suizos, Yuan Renmimbi, Singapore Dollar, Euros, Libras Esterlinas y metales preciosos como el Oro y la Plata. Para estos usuarios este post también es relevante.

Suiza, oficialmente La Confederación Suiza, país que se encuentra en el centro de Europa. Si bien su capital oficial es Berna, esta y Geneva son capitales (y centros) financieros globales. Zug y sus alrededores, se han (están en proceso con algunos setbacks) convertido en centros de desarrollo de crypto-assests, blockchain y fintech.
No es parte de la EU, European Union, tampoco del EEA, European Economic Area o de la Eurozona. Pero participa del tratado Shengen (en parte) y del EU Single Market. Si bien la divisa nacional, tanto como la de Liechtenstein es el Franco Suizo (CHF), el cual posee un protocolo de pagos y transferencias propias también es parte del área SEPA. El CHF es también usado en otras zonas de Europa de facto o simplemente no oficial como Campione d’Italia.
Campione, un poco off-topic, es un enclave Italiano dentro del territorio suizo en la costa del lago de Lugano. Utilizan el Franco Suizo ya que la mayoría de sus residentes eligen utilizar bancos Suizos. Campione, es un tax haven y los residentes fiscales tienen beneficios interesantes como poder hacer trade de bonos vía entidades Suizas libre de impuestos.
Centro financiero mundial, las ideas asociadas con Suiza siempre son las mismas. Secrecía bancaria, lavado de activos, “cuentas numeradas” y similares fantasías perpetradas por Hollywood.
Es verdad que en Suiza la evasión impositiva no es considerada un delito. CRS, Common reporting Standard, es una realidad inevitable. -Argentina es miembro-
Las cuentas numeradas son una idea de los 60’s de las películas de James Bond. Y el lavado de activos, si Uds. Siguen estos posts saben que sucede a nivel global y es un mal que afecta a todos los centros financieros.
Como en otras jurisdicciones a nivel global existen diferentes tipos de banca. Private Retail (No confundir con Privada), Privada, Transaccional, de negocios, Corporativa y de Inversión.
Dentro de la banca de inversión existen brokers de prácticamente todos los instrumentos y commodities a nivel mundial.
Los brokers de FX Suizos tienen una peculiaridad, siendo que bajo regulación del FINMA como requerimiento para brokering FX se les exige una licencia bancaria.
Consecuentemente los brokers de FX son a su vez Bancos que pueden funcionar como bancos retail.

CRS: Si.

No residentes
Dividendos: De 0 a 35%
Intereses: De 0 a 35%
Regalias: 0%

Controles de capitales: No.

Dukascopy Bank S.A. uno de los gigantes suizos en lo que respecta a banca de inversión. FX, CFDs, Commodities y Cryptocurrencies. Las cuentas disponibles varían medianamente entre jurisdicciones pero en general existen por separado y en conjunto lo que genera una gran confusión al momento de intentar decidir a qué servicio o paquete aplicar.
Operan en diferentes jurisdicciones bajo diferentes entidades y subsidiarias. Suiza, Latvia, Japón, Rusia, Ucrania y Hong Kong.
Al que le interese hacer trading de FX, Dukascopy ofrece soporte para MetaTrader 4, JForex, JForex Web y aplicaciones móviles.

Las cuentas disponibles son
Y mixes de las anteriores. En general hay una sobreposicion de servicios entre los ofrecimientos y es lo que genera más confusión. Diferentes jurisdicciones tienen productos iguales o similares pero bajo diferentes costos.
Por una cuestión de simplicidad el post está centrado en Dukascopy Bank S.A. Suiza y no solo en esa entidad, sino en particular en el producto de nombre Mobile Current Account.


Dukascopy Bank – Suiza
Licencia: Bancaria (Licenciado y supervisado por FINMA)
Cuentas: Personal/Business.
Deposito Mínimo: No requiere.
Costo de mantenimiento: No.
Tarjeta: Si, Visa física y virtual disponibles.
No-residentes: Si, total soporte.
Detalles: La Mobile Current Account ofrece acceso a depósitos en 23 divisas. Todos los IBANs son suizos, con lo que se puede recibir EUR y CHF vía Transferwise. Tiene soporte para enviar y recibir depósitos vía SEPA y SWIFT para todas las divisas. Pueden efectivamente hacer una transferencia desde su banco directo a Dukascopy.
Suiza, por no ser Unión Europea permite la emisión de tarjetas de débito a no residentes en la confederación o la Unión Europea. Cosa que muchos bancos o EMIs con apertura de cuenta online no ofrecen. La tarjeta tiene costo.

Cargos relevantes (Para transacciones en EUR, para operaciones en otras divisas consultar el link)
Transferencias entre cuentas internas: Gratis
Transferencias dentro Dukascopy Group: Gratis
Depósitos a Dukascopy Card: Gratis
Retiros de Dukascopy Card: Gratis
Depósitos vía tarjetas de Crédito o Debito: 1.2% (En EUR)
Transferencias SEPA: EUR 2.30
Transferencias SWIFT: EUR 20
Aviso: Existen más cargos no relevantes al post, otras opciones de depósito y retiro vía tarjetas de otros bancos, Neteller y Skrill. Lean los detalles antes de operar.

Cargos de la tarjeta Dukascopy
Costo tarjeta Dukascopy física: CHF 18.5
Costo mensual de la tarjeta Dukascopy física: CHF 1
Costo tarjeta Dukascopy virtual: CHF 5
Costo mensual de la tarjeta Dukascopy virtual: CHF 5

Depósitos per quarter: EUR 3000
Balance: EUR 50.000
Los límites se pueden ampliar hasta el 450% enviando documentación sobre su ocupación, ingresos y residencia fiscal. Los limites se resetean los 1ro Enero, 1ro de Abril, 1ro de Julio y 1ro de Octubre.

Registro y onboarding
Dukascopy Bank (Mobile current account) con onboarding digital vía una app llamada Dukascopy 911, la cual es una especie de social network bancaria. Por registrarse vía esa app el usuario recibe 5 DKUs, un token de Dukascopy que tiene un (soft) peg al Euro. El chat de soporte y los webinars son vía esta aplicación. Una manera de generar extra DKUs es contestando preguntas y participando en la red social la cual dependiendo de la performance del usuario reparte tokens a modo de recompensa.
La cuenta bancaria en si una vez registrada, si bien se puede operar desde Dukascopy 911 es preferible operarla desde Dukascopy Bank, otra aplicación. Desde esta última, pueden abrir una cuenta en EUR y hacer el funding inicial vía tarjeta de débito o crédito.

Particularidades importantes
En los fees se discrimina entre transferencias SEPA y Wires (SWIFT, de más alto costo) sin embargo en la aplicación solo existe una opción, Wires. Si el usuario elige EUR como divisa y utiliza datos bancarios de la Unión Europea, el banco detecta esto y hace la transferencia vía el medio más económico. Hay que prestar atención de usar los datos bancarios correctos de la entidad a la que se intenta hacer el deposito cosa de evitar a toda costa utilizar datos bancarios SWIFT en lugar del preferido, más económico y eficiente SEPA.

El beneficio principal se preguntaran…?
Dukascopy acepta depósitos vía tarjetas de crédito y débito bajo una comisión de solo 1.2% (En Euros) y la cuenta móvil no tiene fees de mantenimiento. Se pueden hacer transferencias SEPA directo a exchanges como Binance Jersey la cual ya establecimos que tiene de los fees más bajos del mercado.
Se han probado tarjetas de Argentina Visa y Mastercard de débito y crédito. Un solo usuario tuvo problemas con tarjeta de BruBank pero pudo utilizar su tarjeta de crédito y como beneficio sumar millas (en el caso del usuario el deposito fue tomado como compra y no genero gastos de adelanto de efectivo).
El monto máximo que se ha podido autorizar con tarjetas Argentinas fue de EUR 1000 , sin embargo varios depósitos consecutivos de EUR 500 también funcionaron. Un usuario se comunico con Visa para autorizar los pagos y desde ese momento no tuvo más problemas. Lamentablemente depositos de EUR 1.7 han fallado...

EDIT: El monto maximo depositado en las pruebas fue de EUR 1000 y no de EUR 850 como se habia posteado originalmente.

Algunos usuarios me preguntan sobre referrals de servicios que he posteado en el pasado a modo de recompensa por el tiempo que invierto a nivel personal haciendo research y escribiendo. Si bien algunos de estos servicios ofrecen recompensas, no es algo que vaya par en par con mi moral.
Desde que comencé a escribir sobre banca y servicios financieros, solo ha habido un solo referral, el de Binance Jersey. El cual visto las reglas no paga absolutamente nada, pero si me interesaba a modo de monitorear el nivel de suscripción.
Desde mi punto de vista, los referrals, viniendo de mi parte son poco éticos. Se puede dar a entender que en lugar de informar sobre el mejor servicio, se comparte uno el cual beneficia al que refiere a costas de los usuarios referidos y es posible (muy) que los usuarios no estén al tanto de esta situación.
Por este motivo desde este momento empezando desde el artículo titulado Digital assets C01 – JE | Offshore digital assets, al final del post se van a encontrar con una sección de Donations con 5 direcciones de crypto donde pueden transferir lo que les parezca adecuado.
Los cálculos de retorno efectivo haciendo arbitrage de crypto utilizando los servicios de mis posts varían desde el 12% al 17%.
Desde ya les agradezco por su generosidad y si ustedes quieren hacer referral de cualquier servicio por su cuenta me parece perfecto. Esta regla es pura y exclusivamente mía por una cuestión de neutralidad y ética.
Desde ya muchas gracias por ofrecer el apoyo que ofrecen y los comentarios constructivos.

Links de registro e información
Para la cuenta de la cual se discute en el post
Dukascopy Mobile Bank
Para trade en Suiza
Dukascopy Bank S.A.

Token Wallet address BTC 19xvUdQoZosrzYKNaTCK834zRkg5Bogop BCH qqqmyqjspnq0fazk9wvv0elc8vxdp2rkvgfqs3s87x LTC LKNvBgwEtE3w7oEUYiSVb96qCe7xFDBvp8 ETH/DAI 0x1cbbcf2ca8849893ad7feac5ef5c735f6d91fa4e XMR 44AXEt8ZkmjgGuUrPaoNTzBGhp92L3HozSYxAip7dz8qL6A3neJBriLRSjC8Qnam4tEhfw2yXzcXsbZ2dJiWHDC7Ji8nBvx 
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Why I Hodl - A Thought Experiment

Many people have arguments and question as to the long term validity of bitcoin. Some say that governments will shut down bitcoin, others say the price is being manipulated by whales that will one day dump all their bitcoin and crash the market, there are still others that say 21 million BTC is not enough, and even the smallest unit, one satoshi, will be worth so much it cannot be used in daily commerce.
While we can debate each point back and forth for weeks, and having bitcoin from the triple digit days, I have debated online and in person the merits of bitcoin and just the idea of cryptocurreny in general. Today I have decided to put to writing my simple reason why I hodl for my own purpose of reasoning it out, and maybe you can get something out of this too.
Pascal's Wager.
I was first introduced to Pascal's Wager long before I heard about bitcoin and I will explain the main point of the wager as it was originally applied to religion. Either God exists or does not exist, and you either believe in God or you do not believe. If God does exist, all who believed go to heaven (infinite gain) while all who did not believe go to hell (infinite loss). If God does not exist, all who believe simple lose their time (going to church, praying, etc) while those who do not believe lose nothing. While there are debates over the wager, I take it as there is a small price to pay for potentially infinite gain or loss.
Applied to Bitcoin
I apply the thinking of Pascal's Wager to bitcoin without knowing all the specific technical and political possibilities and likelihood of global adoption or crash to worthless. Either bitcoin will "Moon" or it will "Bust." It could also stay at the current price forever or go up or down slightly then it's the same as owning something like gold or stocks that move in the single digits every year but I am ignoring this case in my thinking. With that said, the outcome of bitcoin will be binary in nature, worthless or "Moon" and I have some extra money to make a bet. If I choose bitcoin, my loss is limited to what I bought in with, which is the same money I would use to buy stocks, bonds, gold, pizza, or anything, while the upside is similar to a lottery ticket. Unlike lottery tickets, the odds of winning and size of the prize is unknown. So if I buy bitcoin, I can make or lose money, with the possibility of making money at this point about 100x my money if we hit $1,000,000 like some people think, but the money I lose would be money I am okay losing and does will not hurt my finances.
The other scenario is that I do not spend money on bitcoin. If I do not buy bitcoin, I can go out to eat more often, save more for retirement, buy nicer clothes, all of which are options that are good and fun in their own right. If bitcoin becomes worthless, I will lose nothing and have more experiences and nicer things because that money was not lost. This last scenario is the one I put the most concern and thought on when deciding to hodl or not. What if bitcoin goes to the moon, as in, global currency adoption moon, and I had some coins when I was younger, but now, maybe decades later, my bitcoin is long gone and I missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime. That is what scares me.
Isn't that just FOMO?
Yes, maybe I do just have a bad fear of missing out but based on the four possible scenarios for bitcoin, the price now to reap the rewards later is well worth paying with the loss being negligible. Being negligible does not mean I have a single satoshi to my name, but the amount is small enough that it is worth risking, but large enough to matter if we do "Moon."

“I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.” ― Euripides
Unrelated to Pascal's wager is the idea of freedom that crypto offers. Central banks and governments control the currency we use on a daily basis and unless you use cash exclusively, banks and payment processing companies have a record of everything that you spend money on and can control you either directly by seizing your bank account, or indirectly by inflation and other policies. This control can simple end up as a lack of privacy to some Orwellian future. Bitcoin, and crypto in general, provide a way to add anonymity to digital lives and thus preserve freedom. I would rather lose money on bitcion than complicity submit to a system others control and that I am powerless over.
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Global Banking & Finance Review® is a leading Financial Platform established in 2010 – A Media Powerhouse with its own Online Portal ,Print & Digital magazine reaching over 3 million readers worldwide on an annual basis.
Since the inception of the Global Banking & Finance Awards® in 2011, The Awards reflect the innovation, achievement, strategy, progressive and inspirational changes taking place within the Global Financial community. The awards were created to recognize companies of all sizes which are prominent in particular areas of expertise and excellence within the financial world. The Banking awards & the Financial Awards are known throughout the global banking and financial community as a symbol of excellence.
The Categories have evolved and grown to include those such as Banking Awards, Foreign Exchange Awards, Insurance Awards, Hedge Funds Awards, Pension Fund Awards, Compliance & Advisory Awards, Corporate Governance Awards , Brokerage & Exchange Awards, Project Finance Awards, Binary Options Awards, Investment Management Awards, Technology Awards, Asset & Wealth Management Awards, Islamic Finance Awards, Exchange Traded Fund Awards, Real Estate Awards, Corporate Social Responsibility Awards, Leadership Awards and other areas.
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What is SynchroBit Digital Assets Trading Platform All About?

About (“SynchroBit”) is a Centralized P2P Digital Assets Trading Platform for trading all kinds of listed digital assets with both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.
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What is the SNB Token?
SynchroBit™ will use its own native cryptocurrency, the SynchroBit Coin (SNB) which is an ERC-20 Ethereum based token. Users with passing the KYC/AML process can participate in SNB Token crowd-sales on, by considering the terms and conditions and reading the official whitepaper provided on the website. Based on the SynchroBit business policy, trading with SNB token on will be free and the holders will benefit from added-value services and loyalty programs which will be only available to use by SNB Token. In addition to SynchroBit trading platform, SNB Token will be integrated with other major platforms of SYNCHRONIUM to increase its popularity and applications.
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Need further information?
To find out more about SynchroBit project you may visit and read the final version of SynchroBit Whitepaper.
In addition, our FAQ page may help you to get more information about SynchroBit, its features, functionality, and services.
You may be interested to try the demo of SynchroBit and explore its features and functionality. Click here to explore how it works!
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Finance and bollockshit manifesto mk 8. Work in progress




Hashtag the lot.
Epic Intro/My bit.
Firstly I apologise for my scatalogical approach. In my defense it mirrors my mind perfectly! And b), I wish I could explain myself with more or less clarity or brevity respectively, whichever, and both in unequal measure, probably, and if you make it all the way to the end of this, you will wish that too, or something like it! But I am me, these are my thoughts, and so it goes. And I just looked up scatalogical and it doesn't mean what I thought it did. But hey ho! - sometimes you have to make the words say what you want them to say.
Finance is an entity which resides within the framework of humanity. And this is a truth.
We are living through a period of great change and upheaval. And this is also the truth.
The world is going to change. Its already started changing before our very eyes. The real question is how are we going to change, in reaction to it? And that, as ever, is only up to us. As ever. You and me, and everyone else who claim this time as our own, here, now, today. Because Who else is there right?
All good so far? Good. Let's crack on.
So Either good people will claim this time of change and set a wholesome agenda, or those who have already claimed this time will drive it and the world will be shaped by their agendas. Either or. And remember that, because times of Change, by their nature, are either or and so not times of compromise. Look around you. Do any of us feel like compromising? See? Good. Hold on to that thought..
And this particular either or that we face is that only two paths lay before us, the one we are currently on, but the other we must choose for ourselves, and not from the options laid before us, and so on and so forth.
And how's it been working out for us so far, would you say? At the beginning of this time of change that yet stands awaiting a more legitimate claim?
So finance has never actually worked for us, as a whole. it mostly works for those with it, and against those without it, sometimes more-so, other times less, but that dividing line has always served to effectively split humanity in two. But the interesting thing is, finance doesn't decide where that line is - how many of us are above it and how many are below. We do. And so this is an issue only we can resolve. Because this isn't a problem with finance, this is a problem with us.
Times of Change always favours the bold and the brave irrespective of their values and virtues. But not because change is immoral, change is amoral, but Lies are cheap and Thats just the way it is and it means good people just have to try that little bit harder. And so it always goes.
For if we are to claim the changing times, the beginning of which I have come to think of as Transition Time, we must stop thinking that piecemeal improvements in boomtime, that then mostly slip away with the next financial crash are acceptable, because they're not, they never really have been, and instead we need to work out how to find, and then implement what I like to call 'actual solutions', Century 21 stylee, which is really just a new way of looking at things - and in the case of finance that actually means working out how to raise us up above this line, and keeping us there. And how many of us is actually acceptable? That, also as ever, is only up to us. How many people in poverty do you find acceptable? Be honest. What percentage of us is OK if they suffer? Dichotomy alert.!
out how to change the system so this is the permanent result - Which really is much less daunting than it sounds, no (really) , because, when you have looked at the same problem the same way for long enough, and remember that this has been our perspective over countless generations, then through a process of distorted generational purpetuation, somewhere along the line, their choice becomes our destiny as their lie becomes our truth: Somewhere in our distant past we came to believe that the perspective we still hold till this day, that defines our relationship with it, is not just the right one, but the only one. It is what it is. Because its what we've always known, it's what we've always done. But although it is, its not. We are wrong. We were lied to about this, we are now lying to ourselves about this, and unless we find a way to change it, we will pass this lie as a curse down to our children. And for what it's worth, in a minute I'm going to prove that you are lying to yourself. Oh Yes I am (smile). I have to, because it's the only first step I know of, that begins a new path.
Because in order to hold on to this implicitly erroneous belief, that the current perspective we share in really is the only way to look at finance, we have had to relinquish the whole of the truth; and amongst that lost truth is the truth that there are many ways, and therefore there are going to be better ways. But you can't allow yourself to believe that yet? Why would you need to allow yourself to believe something? (think) Because truth is by nessecity, a binary mechanism You either have it or you don't, despite what gulianni claimed, remember? You don't loose sight of some truth, you loose sight of the truth. And (so) by accepting this lie as a truth we have then surrendered the rest of the truth of the thing with it. Without realising it. Without realising what we've lost. We really have, and my first aim, and by my proving to you that you do lie to yourself about this, is to then enable you to envisage what else we might have surrendered with that truth. Because amongst what we have lost is Specifically a skill which we will soon need, and in spades.
So A thousand Apologies. Or not, if it doesn't work, as whichever the case maybe, and so are you ready for my proof, Liar liar pants on fire?
Good. Let's see if I can find the words to make you see the truth of what we all need to re-learn.
Because the proof of this truth is hiding right there infront of your minds eye. In plain sight no less, But we have to choose to see it (why would we choose not to see it?) The truth that in a system which humanity has itself created, we, humanity, now suffer from and feel powerless to, affect positive change, in our own system, that we created.
And therein hides the problem. Because we are, aren't we? Of course we are. At this moment, here now today we have zero influence so we have zero power, we are powerless, most of us, but the truth we can't see is that its not because the entity that is finance renders us powerless, it can't, it is after all only an entity within our own framework, but because when the perspective we share only works when we are powerless, then this lie had to become our foundational truth, so basically we do it to ourselves, and then we subconsciously perpetuate it, each unto their own world, except for the few, that we are powerless. And so we are. Aren't we? of course we are. Otherwise we wouldn't allow most of us to be below that line, wouldn't we? Don't you see? You agree, it's stupid, but still only unrealistically. So no, Not quite yet. Let's keep going.
because we have tacitly allowed ourselves to accept this inherited lie as our own perspective, so we have surrendered the whole truth of the thing. Generation after generation. And altho we have lived with this distorted perspective for countless generations, in our near future,
A skill which we have had to surrender to make our current perspective our truth will become that which we will need the most.
And so that makes this a truth we have rediscover, and then confront, and the time, as ever, is now.
Because for jolly good reasons that I'm going to expound shortly, this has now become a problem our generation must set out to resolve. Because that which we don't even yet fully realise we have lost, is that which we will need most in our near future, and specifically, the ability to properly discern the difference between the truth of a thing and its mythology. Because this is a tool we can only wield in truth, and it's a skill we are going to have to rediscover, and then get very good at, and sooner than we think. Tick tock said the clock.
Try it. Think about any humanity affecting issue and then try and separate out it's truth from its mythology. In our time, as it is, unless you are an expert in that field, we simply can't do it, and the reason we can't is because this ability is an entity of the truth that we have surrendered to maintain our current perspective. Do you begin to see?
So with my poor skill I lay truths before you and yet can you still feel your resistance to them, to me?? Isn't that curious?. So Then try this. Prove me wrong. In the relationship between humanity and finance, which of the things we currently believe are true, are actually untrue? See? Because we can't tell. Because this distorted perspective we currently share obscures it's true nature from us. So we get it wrong. And we know that this is the truth, because its easily verifiable. because here at the end of the start of Century 21, finance still works against most of us. See? a candle truth. At the moment we mostly get it wrong so it only works for a few of us. But When we get it better finance will work for more of us, and then when we get it right finance will work for all of us. Simples right? . But now perhaps you're thinking too simple? But truth doesn't have to be complicated. Only lies demand complexity.
If we can actually come up with a different perspective it will cast finance in a new light, and this new light will reveal new options, or even better, old ideas will be rediscovered lthat we never realised the true value of at the time. Because that's the way this stuff often works. Round and around right? No?
For our entire relationship we have tinkered and we have tweaked, and if you think about it now, looking back, we have always been in reaction to and therefore subservient to, finance. It blazes a trail and we follow behind it, second guessing it's changing fortunes. Few of us benefiting from its fluctuations, but most of us suffering from those same fluctuations, of finance. And all our efforts, laudable and cynical alike have at best, served to curtail the damage, that the thing we created, to serve us, is causing us. Its creators. Which is Bonkers! You do realise that, right?
And one of my first aims is to make us confront the truth of this together. And I can't fail.
Because thats what's got to change. But why now?
Because change is coming, and we are all starting to realise this, aren't we? Because we were always destined to live through the beginings of what I suspect will become known in history as one of humanities greatest challenges, and we are generation number 1, to begin humanities journey towards acclimatisation with what we will eventually come to realise is our ever changing climate. Or, we will be the generation that failed all those who followed because we couldn't stop bickering about our bollockshit politics for long enough to stop and tell the difference between truth and mythology. Remember? And Once again its an either or. And its not funny how many of these eitheor scenarios are hiding in our immediate future. And they are going to make us confront which we are, eitheor, and in no uncertain terms. And Every time. And That's why we need to be able to tell the difference between truth and mythology again. Do you begin to see? Because one is important, but the other feels important, and our future is going to demand that we be able to tell them apart, and even when they are much less clear cut than they are now.
Do you remember babies in cages or that poor lads body washed up on the shores of Turkey? That was us that was. That is a truth by which history will already judge us. You and me, and everyone else we care about.
On the page of history that we get to write, that's what we've written so far. All of us, together. And this is truth whether we choose to believe it at the time, which is now of course, or not. Because this next era is destined to be a big deal on humanities journey. And maybe deep down we are all beginning to get a sense of this, but the problem is, when we look out at the world and see it as it is, here, now, today, without hope, maybe that's why we react the way that we seem to, without hope.
So now try to tally this humanity changing epoch approaching, with the piss poor piecemeal choices we are presented with from our opportunist pantomime personality bollockshit politics. Do you begin to get a sense of how mediocre we are allowing ourselves to be, compared to what we are going to have to become, and almost certainly sooner than we think. And that's why it's Not from the choices we are offered, but from the choice we have to choose for ourselves. Yikes! But hold on to that thought. Who we are going to have to become. Because this is the only truth that really matters, actually, because this is the only truth that can determine our success or failure in our approaching and increasingly challenging future. Who we must become. Remember that, as we try that little bit harder. But Transition Time will wait a little longer, for us to get our shit together, as long as we are going to get it together. Transition Time yet stands waiting for a more legit shit. Scatalogical indeed!
So if our current perspective is so wrong, whats the right way then Mr smartie pants? Well I'm glad you asked me that. Because that is exactly the first step. how would you look at it in a new way? What does a new perspective on finance actually feel like? And in a minute I'm going to try to make you actually feel what that actually feels like, actually, or at least what I think it should feel like, to try to show you how that works. And it is going to work, it has to. Because the time as ever, is now or never, and Together, we are going to have to look at finance from a completely new perspective if we are to get everyone above that line. Our line Remember? And Hold that thought too.
So Lots of thoughts to hold on to and still awaiting a new perspective with which to view them. Double yikes!
So It's time to dig out or truth goggles and set our bullshit detectors to 11, because we're going on a truth hunt, we're going to catch a big one. Because the truth is, our truth is MIA. presumed awol. And where's Big Ted when you need him.
So with caveats we can discount all the ways we have tried to balance the books so far. But don't forget that we have now entered the time of change. Remember? A time driven by new ideas. Either Ours or theirs, and in a new time we have to find a new perspective from which to look at our relationship, with finance. Im sorry to be labouring this so much, but I need it to really sink in. If we can frame our idea of finance in terms that are more inherently truthful and honest about what our relationship with it should be, then we will then gain new insights and therefore discover new ways to balance the books. Because that's how, in truth, we know, it works.
Now I know hardly anything about finance which is why when Lou told me about you, I wanted to make contact with you. Because Lou says you do, and that you want to drive positive change within the system, and what I have is a very humanity-centric outlook and a very different way of looking at things, a systematic and pragmatic way of looking at old problems, to recast them in a new C21 stylee light - which I believe might help you to achieve your aims, at the same time as me learning something I need to learn, to achieve my aim.
Here, let me try to give you a new perspective. Let's see if my thinking actually stands up.
Now, when looking for a new perspective the first trick is to slow right down. 5 miles an hour now, so you don't miss a thing.
Finance is an entity which resides within the framework of humanity and that means that finance takes its identity as an entity from the framework that is us. Finance is nothing more or less than what we allow it to be. Do you begin to see. And this will always be, the truth.
The truth that if we ceased to exist tomorrow finance would cease to have a framework within which to derive meaning, but if we woke up tomorrow and finance was gone, we would still exist, and we would continue to exist.
For what it's worth I call this 'take one thing away and then the other'. Its sometimes good for working out truth priorities between connected things.
And this speaks of the foundational truth of our relationship, the truth that our current perspective hides from us, the truth that with which, we can then begin to build a more honest relationship upon. A relationship that really could work for all of us. Everyone above that line. And for the rest of time. Because its our line, and this is our time. Transition time, if we choose it to be.
And What possible resistance could you offer against this ideology other than the futility of its indulgent fancy? And all I say to you friend, is that many ideas worth having have been met with derision, and have then made the journey up to doubtful, and then via unlikely to possible and then on to probable until it finally becomes bloody obvious.
Every worthwhile idea will have its time. That's the rules of evolution. But who gets to decide the time?
We will never be able to resolve our issues with Finance whilst we continue to chase behind it, attempting to implement what we even know at the time are inadequate piecemeal band-aid, too little too late plasters. And as shite as that is, as shite as we are, even this little we only manage in boom time. And thats how rubbish our powerlessness has rendered us. The powerlessness, don't forget, that our current perspective demands of us. Because the truth is, that line is ours. We maintain it. We decide how many are above and how many are below. Because there is only us. And this is our time. Generation no 1 at the start of Transition time. Wether we choose to believe it at the time, which is now, or not.
So Try again.
Because if this perspective had held our truth within it, then our Tweaking and tinkering over the countless generations would have already found a way to make it work. But we haven't. Because its not there, and we've suffered it long enough. The world is changing, our awareness is changing but our perspective will only, can only change, when we choose to accept that we need to try to find a new way of looking at the world. A more honest way. To make it work for all of us. Because this path doesn't work for most of us. At least we can agree on that right?
So I want Transition Time to become the beginning of this time of change, while we work it all out. The turning point of humanity in history, no really. Think about it. Because its just Another Either or. Albeit a crazy big one. Because Our environmental awareness has made us generation no 1 on this journey and so this Time has already begun. So its time for us to either change up or give up. To either find a way to meet our responsibilities to each other and our environment with honesty, equality and unity. Or. Otherwise, carry on this path we are currently on in growing division, deeper resentment and increasing likelihood of conflict. So What a choice! right? And yet still you resist. Do you begin to get a sense of how strong, how deep its hold is on you? But the trick is don't try to resist it, just let it go. We're on a truth hunt remember? Don't fight the lies, just ignore them.
We have to change the way things work and we have to find a way to demand of our power structures that these changes become our reality. So let's imagine what tools we have to make this change happen? You will look back into our history for your solutions, but my new perspective allows me to look forward for mine. century 21 stylee. Ready?
But just so you know, you're one letter out, because I'm not talking about revolution, and did your current perspective drive you to think down its predictable paths in that? Be honest, at least with yourself. If you are still allowing your thoughts to be directed by nothing better than basically historical precedent, then You need to let it go. Just be mindful.
Because Whilst you hold the same perspective you will always see the same choices, only Einstein said it much better. Remember, But Either way It's time to let go. The time as ever is Now.
So Not revolution, evolution, but not of humanity, of society. Because seemingly bizarrely, an actual Century 21 stylee solution will demand No change in political foundations, any of them, necessarily. no heads even have to roll. Well, make no promises, but instead A more honest perspective shows a new solution that actually fixes the problem in situ, as it were. And therefore possible Within our own existing reality. Fancy that.
Because basically We don't get rid of them, we just tell them that their future employment is now predicted on the provision of global humanitarian and environmental standards. Standards that the rest of us 6 odd billion people have all agreed upon, because when it's all of us together, how many of us below that line is acceptable? Thats right. Because it is only ever all of us, divided or together, there will never be anyone else who can make this change for us, just us. And this is how this always works, like this, every time, because at the end of the day, if we choose it to be, it's just a numbers game. Right?
but of course this is where the problem of our current political perspective kicks in again. Because we have allowed ourselves to be divided by bollockshit nonsense, remember? Truth and mythology. All that nonsensical political white noise that you are still allowing yourself to be distracted by, is only serving its purpose to negate the power that we could hold in those numbers, to wield, and just to become who we are going to need to become anyway, if only we weren't so divided. If only we weren't so stupid! .
But we could at least agree on getting everyone above that line, couldn't we? See? Even in our depths of division, we can still agree on nothing less than the first step towards the truth.. Imagine if we claimed this time and this became our no compromise in transition time. Our own either or. 6 odd billion of us
But sometimes, even though we know something is wrong it can still be hard to let go of. Weird but true, and especially beliefs we have held since before recorded history and right up until about 5 minutes ago when I proved that you were lying to yourself, remember? And Thats a long time. But you have to first let go, before you can then begin to move on, to find a better perspective - because that's how this stuff works. This is just a process after all. A series of steps, that's all.
And that's the power of slowing down.
Because Everything becomes a series of steps when you look at it slowly enough. 5 miles an hour.
And what our new perspective needs to show us, secondly, is how we can change the dynamic between us and finance from reactive to proactive, and this is the first step to getting us all over that line. Remember that. And then If we manage to find this new perspective together we can then take the first step on a new path, that can change finance into what we all need it to be. Into what works for all of us. Because this is not beyond us people. This isn't rocket science. This is just finance.
And this truth is the foundation of a new and more honest perspective. But you have to choose to see it. Because finance is an entity within the framework that is humanity. It is only ever us who can decide if it's fair or not. It is only ever us who decides where that line is, of if it even exists at all, and whether we choose to believe it or not, this will always be the truth. And the disparity between this truth and our current perspective is the journey that Transition Time can make us all make. And all we need to begin is to believe in the reality that there could be a new perspective, from which to view finance.
But now you want to actually imagine, if you can, A world where everyone is above that line. And to make it easier, I want you to make it this world, here now today, and when I say everyone, of course what I really mean is all of us, you and me, our kids, our families and everyone else we both care about, and everyone they care about, and so on and so forth. How would we all feel living in a world that because we made it happen, has a place for all of us and a better future for our children? Or is that just still too fanciful. A step too far? Has it all gone a bit Trevor the Unicorn? But if the voice in your head is pointing out how rediculous this all sounds, you should remember to remind it of who we now realise we are going to have to become, either or remember? and sooner than we think.
Can you sense the truth of this? I hope so.
If you are someone who did actually try to imagine a world with everyone over that line, how did it feel? How did you feel? But Be honest. Did you still have to struggle with getting past feeling a little silly for even trying to imagine it? Did you find yourself thinking against that voice insinuating privately to you how preposterous all this is, to imagine something so unrealistic.
And That right there is your own personal journey. The one that your new perspective must show you the candle truth of, if it is to prove its truth to you personally, as a new more honest perspective. Because greater honesty always brings with it greater clarity. That's how you can tell truth from mythology.
So the problem our new shared perspective must address isn't within finance, it's within humanity.
Technically true but way too vague to be useful.
We must first identity within ourselves what needs to change, and then work out the right mechanism to make the change happen, and then actually make the change, happen, whatever is it we need to do to heal finance within its framework.
So try this.
By looking at finance from my new C21 head-on perspective,
I've managed to first disprove to you the false credentials of our current perspective, to show to you the truth of our foundational lies that only serve to maintain that man-made divide, I've then tried to give you a sense of what we have lost, with that truth, including that skill that we really need to rediscover and perfect pronto. . And Then I've contrasted our current achievements against what we will have to actually achieve as climate change changes our environment.
Good. (smile)
But I thought all of this a long time ago. I've been living this perspective for some years now, and in that time I've Then I've gone on to work out what we actually do, to achieve it.
No really.
I've identified the specific mechanism that begins this whole chain reaction.
Cool huh?
By a single action that has a definite beginning within our time time, we begin a process of which the end result is humanity realises the truth. Many truths in fact. The truth that now is the time that we now all need to realise the truth again, that we are not powerless. And that our future will demand so much more anyway. The journey we either take together, or not at all. And so The lie is finally broken and the imbalance can begun to be redressed, whatever the hell that means. The beginings of the process of harmonisation. And remember, this will be our first either or in Transition Time and our first success to boot.
Howzat! Happy days!
And if we manage that, then we go on to find a way to Enshrine this harmony with Finance deep within our foundations , and we do this so that future generations won't have to come back and fight this same stoopid battle. Because fixing problems in a C21 stylee means fixing them so they stay fixed. Doyagetme . And if we do then go on to manage this, with history as our judge we would go from zeroes to hero's. Oh yes we would.
And thats the truth of what we could make our reality. Imagine it.
So we Dont change the money by changing the money, we change the money by changing peoples relationship to the money. And in the act of changing that relationship we then come to realise the truth, that we are not powerless.
I think of it as thinking at right angles to reality. When something is an entity within your own framework. You don't change the thing by trying to change it, you work out what's wrong in our relationship with the thing and then you fix that, in us, which fixes it, in it. Sort of thing. Im running out of words but please bare with me.
Now if you are still with me then hopefully what we have just shared was a sort of communal vision. 2 minds eyes looking together in a new way, a shared thought that maybe it could be different. If we choose it. But nothing more. And yet, if we have shared something, we could work it more together out, to then share it with others, and so on and so forth. Because that's how this works right. Round and around. And then what would happen?
Finance is an entity that resides within the framework of humanity. The truth that our current perspective has to obscure from us, to survive. The truth that will always want to slip away even as we struggle to hold it in our minds eye. Hiding in plain sight of all things! Fancy that.
Now I've already taken this journey, and for what it's worth, this is what I've learnt of myself. 2 lessons, and one of them you can't see coming or it doesn't work. I don't know why. Let's see if we can make this work.
Dont reach too hard for it, always let it come naturally. When you get stuck, think about why you are stuck, and then forget about it. Give it time. Have faith in yourself And have faith in the process. Always remember you are trying to make the world better, and at the same time you can only do what you can do. And both of these are true and yet sometimes you will believe neither. So it goes. but so it goes, and so it will return. And so you wait. And Whilst you wait, Foster your own belief in the truth of the goodness that is in most of us, because it is real, and a more honest perspective must be based on this truth if it is to succeed, and that reminds me, always hold everything up to the truth, especially things you think you already know. Smartie pants.
And all this scatalogical thought could be rubbish, it's literally just what I've thought. I don't know if this is the right way to look at it, although that's not true, I've yet to convince anyone I'm right, which is not the same, but at the moment it's just my idea I'm trying to share. But however you achieve it, the first step that we have to take, century 21 stylee, is a step away from our current perspective, to break free of financially flakery twentieth century thinking, and by so to realise the truth we have always known anyway. that piecemeal improvements will never make a real difference. And that this needs to be fixed, by finding actual solutions and that now is the time this needs to be fixed, as the world has already begun changing. The time of the bold. No compromises. That little bit harder.
So here we stand poised, Century 21 has reached its 20s, and we will soon truly have 2020 vision. For the first time ever. We have been though our terrible teens and This is stupid. This is pointless. This can't be done. Dont fall for it. Thats just a hundred generations of failure trying to stop you from making the break. If it was easy we would have already done it. Stick with it. We can do this. Remember don't fight it, just Let it go.
Because if you allow yourself to even accept that there is a better perspective to be found, better than whatever the hell this is anyway, then our truth is there to be discovered in that new perspective. And whether my method of perspective change proves to be the right one or not, which it is so it wont, it doesn't matter, (but of course it does) because by the act of accepting that there could be a new perspective, you are then in that very moment freed, if you choose to be, choose to be, to release yourself from the bonds of your old perspective.
Which sounds like nonsense, but it isn't, because it is in this very moment, where new thinking begins, and therefore new ideas have their very beginnings. Only Einstein still said it better.
In that moment, if you choose it, You are allowed to free yourself from the dogma of your old position. To then look for a better more honest way to consider our challenges. Because Nothing man-made is insurmountable. Right?
And a lot can happen in a moment. By accepting the potential validity of a new perspective and therefore breaking bonds with our old perspective it suddenly opens up a myriad of new angles from which you can view all our old problems, and you get to choose, but there is a way to find the right one. Im sorry, I wish I could better describe it but I have the words I have, no matter how I twist them. But there is this new feeling of mental and emotional liberation that comes from releasing yourself from your old ways of thinking, and in this moment you can choose to look around for a better perspective. Because it is there to be found. And I discovered the right perspective for me is the one that effectively hides our shared history from view in my minds eye, because I believe the answers to our relationship with finance can not be found in that history, so the perspective I chose was head on. Us, Here, now, today. Because that is the only place where I believe the truth of our times of the thing is to be found and besides it is the only time I have.
How you doing? I know this is hard work and if you've stuck with it so far, thank you. Not too much more
And then without what we are now coming to understand were our inherited blinkers we can then begin to do what we could not before, remember? to seperate out fact from mythology. try it? See for yourself? It works! If you have allowed yourself to see from a more honest perspective then you should see things with a new clarity of thought. Clarity with which we really can begin to work out the difference between what we thought was important, and what actually is important, to find out what really needs to change. And In us, and with honesty. Because this is a first step we are going to have to take many times, as many times as there are systems that underpin humanity, although this will be the first and the most difficult. But hey ho. That's why Zeroes to heros. Because every entity within the framework will have to come under review, as our environmental and population changes demand either better from dwindling resources, or we just give up and accept worse - and that, as ever only depends on whose agenda, remember? In generation no 1. Yiiiiiikkkkeeessss
We now understand the truth that we can't change anything without changing ourselves first, but the problem within this problem is that we can't change ourselves until be believe We can. And we won't believe We can until we have. Because we are buggers.
So we are the foundational problem that must be addressed in order to be able to resolve all other problems. And by the inequity we have allowed finance to create between us, so finance has made itself the key to this problem.
But I have a plan, or at least the first few steps. And it's a doozie.
I want to claim this time of change as Transition Time. I want to use it to drive a global humanitarian and environmental agenda, And the very first change, that begins this movement, is going to be the first step on a new financial path. But not from the paths we are offered, the one we must choose for ourselves, and together. The path that leads to getting everyone over that line. Nothing less. Because any less will be no where near enough for our future anyway. And Transition Time does after all favour the bold and the brave and so that is who we must become as we try that little bit harder. Once more, and with passion. Until it is enough. There is no other way, we have no other time, there is only ever going to be us, for us.
But we will always have us. And this will always be the truth.
And this is the first step on that new path.
There is a way in which we can at the same time entreaty and empower the people to first become unified, and then to utilise this unity to effectively put the breaks on the economic cycle, to slow the whole thing down. Do you see? It's just A numbers game. And when we see ourselves achieve this aim that brought us together, the direction of authority between finance and humanity, in that very moment, will be reversed, the entity can then begin to harmonise and then this growing sense of belief in each other will then become the first step on the path that enables us to become who we are going to have to become if we are going to build our future on equality, honesty and unity. Values our environment will demand of us, values good people cherish. Do you get a sense of how this could all join up now?
In one movement we would reverse the underlying dynamic relationship between humanity and finance by changing ourselves from reactive to proactive. And the only casualty would be our powerlessness. Winner winner chicken dinner.
But remember we are not seeking to become it's masters. Thats where we have gone wrong every single time, untill now that is. Evolution not revolution remember. because we are going to change the way finance works by seeking to harmonise with it and then to Enshrine this harmony deep into our foundations. A solution born of A new perspective, simply a more honest approach.
Nothing more.
And the only time we have to do this is now, in our time, with 2020 vision, as we find ourselves at the very beginning of this time of change, which is still up for grabs btw. Transition Time. Da dah. And only time will tell. And thats not a lot of time! Well it is, but you know what I mean, hopefully.
And I suspect we are going to need a bank, but what for, I'm not exactly sure.
And finally, you will be glad to hear, a little ditty I composed just for you, to tell you what I believe you need to know, about me.
I believe that in the world there are good people.
And I also believe that most of us are good people,
I choose to believe that of those that aren't, many of them would be, if life afforded them the opportunity to be, like you, and like me. Not all, but more than enough. And I believe with all my heart, and all that I can be, that the key, that unlocks this truth is only ever a new perspective away. And if we Can imagine it, then we can share it., and as we share it enough, so it becomes reality, because reality is only ever either what we allow it to be, or what we make it. because thats the way this works. Either or.
StevieP Nov 19. Still a few hardy leafs clinging to swaying branches as the floodwaters rise and fall.
our past relationship with finance has nothing to teach us about what our future relationship should be, because our relationship has changed, at least it will if I have anything to do with it. We are clever people, if the lesson was there in our past to be found, we would have already learnt it. So we need to learn lessons that only a new perspective can show us. solutions from our future, not for our past.
Let's see how it goes.
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BJP Government Performance Analysis: Administration & Governance

This is my 2nd article in the series of articles which analyse the work of Modi government starting from 2014 till present date. This one is about administration and governance. Unlike the first one on defence, it is not that binary and there are quite a few gray areas and is subject to opinions as much it is to facts. For example, I like how NGOs have been brought under tougher checks and a lot of such organisations have been forced to shut shop. But quite a few people view it as unfair.
BJP Government Performance Analysis: Defence Issues Blog Link
Reddit Link
Additionally, there is an overlap between governance issues and various others like economy, foreign policy etc. In this article, focus will will be on the work done or changes in way of working of central government ministries and departments. Some of these will be mentioned in next article which will be about economy issues.
1. Steps for leaner, responsive and more efficient government.
This is the most obvious, yet hardest things to do for any regime. All the decisions made by the politically elected government are implemented by officials who usually see multiple such governments come and go through their service. It is next to impossible to fire or even penalise them for even gross incompetence. Any reform in their way of working is extremely hard and takes years of sustained effort. Political and ideological differences even among ministers also play their part. Then there are politicians who have a mutually beneficial nexus with such officials even when they are out of power. Some of the first steps taken by Modi regime was to break this nexus and it seems to have succeeded partially. But there is still a long way to go.
  1. Officials working for central government have been forced to work much harder, so much so that many now view these prestigious jobs as punishment postings. Many non-performing officers have been disciplined and even sacked, a first. 1* 2* 29* 68* 112* 118* 132*
  2. Even serving ministers have been forced to adopt austerity measures. Some examples are no new vehicles, reduced travel expenses 1113 71* 125*
  3. Influence of foreign interests, corporates and their lobbyists has been severely curtailed. Many “powerful” people who had a lot of influence in various ministries and govt departments now don’t have insider knowledge or influence over decision making. 26* 63* 75*
  4. Many politicians squatting on government properties have been forced to vacate them. List of more than 1500 such squatters includes many former ministers, MLAs, MPs and many so called artists, inetellectuals who have been staying in govt allotted properties long after their time was over. Even BJP run state governments have evacuated have evacuated former CMs and MLAs. 61* 65* 104* 108* 109* 113*
  5. Business of paid for postings and transfers in many central govt departments has been severely curtailed. 7* 105*
  6. Many useless posts have been abolished and major departments downsized and streamlined. Often posts like this were used to accommodate officials in high paying post-retirement postings.4* 117*
  7. There is much greater communication between government and people. Many ministers and even PM office interact with common citizens on Twitter among other platforms. 124* 119*
  8. Options opened for direct entry of domain experts in to government departments. 133* 134* 135*
  9. Various measures taken to improve business climate like curtailment of harassment by various inspectors, passing of bankruptcy law, steps to improve ease of doing business among many others. It resulted in India making a record jump in ease of doing business index in 2017 and broke in to top 100 for first time. 3* 10* 12* 23* 46* 59* 66* 72* 154* 155* 156* 158* 159* 160*
  10. A very large number of old, archaic laws removed. Latest one under consideration (July 2018) in Supreme Court is article 377, removal of which will lead to decriminalisation of homo-sexuality. 1159 such redundant laws removed in just 2 years. 42* 163* 164* 165*
  1. Attempts to clean up bureaucracy and red tape need more will. In 4 years, there have not been many deep reforms in functioning of most govt departments, as far as corruption and delays are concerned. Then there have been some seemingly counter-productive measures like the one which makes it harder to investigate a govt servant.
  2. For most part, BJP ruled states have not shown enough initiative and willingness for reforms as was expected of them.
SCORE: 6.5/10
2.Corruption and black money.
Before anyone starts “where are my 15 lakh which Modi promised”, kindly watch this video.
Recovering black money was one of the major poll promises of BJP and they have made fairly good progress on some fronts while it lacks on others.. As it happened, cleanups also unearthed huge scams in bank loans in which UPA regime gave away loans to numerous people who never meant to pay those back. This has proven to be one of the biggest scams in history and many big industrialists and UPA politicians including former Finance Minister Chidambaram have been implicated. Many of them have ran away from India to escape persecution. Apart from that, even after their best efforts, all the opposition parties and their followers have been unable to find a single corruption charge against Modi regime till date.
Demonetisation, however controversial it may be, has enabled recovery of untaxed income worth thousands of crores which would have never happened except for drastic measure like this. Implementation of GST was not perfect, but it has led to streamlined taxation process with reduced leakage, This link contains list of some income tax raids done immediately after demonetisation.
  1. Huge scam in banking sector in which loans worth thousands of crores were given away without proper checks under influence of UPA ministers unearthed. Number of industrialists, bank officials and politicians are implicated. Many of these industrialists are being forced to give back that money. Legal actions being taken against others, some of which have fled India and some politicians and their associates. Banks starting to show gains after sustained recovery efforts. 120* 131* 136* 137* 138* 139* 140* 141* 158*
  2. Many politicians jailed or under investigation for various corruption issues including former CMs and central ministers. 130* 142* 143* 144* 149* 150*
  3. Many dubious NGOs, many of which have shady backgrounds have been forced to shut shop or forced to reduce their operations. Among the benign ones, many of such organisations were front for money laundering and payment of lackeys. Others were foreign sponsored fronts for mass scale conversions of Indics, anti-India propaganda and terrorism. 5* 9* 21* 91* 115* 126* 127* 145*
  4. A large quantity of black money from foreign bank accounts successfully recovered. Treaties signed with Switzerland (among other countries) under which Swiss will share details of Indians owning bank accounts in Swiss banks. 103* 122* 128* 129* 146* 148*
  5. Large increase in number of people paying income tax after rules like Aadhar verification, demonetisation, GST. Huge amounts of money recovered in income tax raids. Properties of gangsters targeted. Lakhs of shell companies closed down. 101* 121* 123* 128* 129* 147* 151* 152* 153* 161*
  6. Stronger laws passed against corruption and tax evasion. Top level corruption reduces significantly. 33* 75* 93* 101* 102*
  1. Modi regime perhaps underestimated how difficult the recovery of black money from foreign accounts will be. Although a huge sum of money has been recovered, the whole process will take a lot longer and most likely will fall short of hype during election campaign.
  2. A number of bank loan defaulters managed to evade authorities and escape to foreign countries. If they had been arrested earlier, then loan recovery would have been a lot more easier and faster.
  3. Implementation of GST was not up to par. Numerous issues still exist which will take atleast a few months to be sorted out.
  4. Although I personally support demonetisation, it was not as well planned as it should have been. Very large number of people faced inconveniences for quite long time due to shortage of currency. Strangely, number of currency notes in circulation has reached back previous levels.
  5. Even if corruption at top levels has been reduced, grassroot corruption still seems to be as bad as it was earlier. Problem of citizens dealing directly with govt departments have not eased much.
SCORE: 6.5/10
The actual score would have been a 6. Extra half point is due to clean image of almost every minister and no scams yet. Opposition parties have tried their best to make up scams like the one for Rafale planes, but their attempts have been laughably stupid.
3. Programs for citizens.
Energy savings with new policies Reforms in electricity
This regime seems to have better reach out programs for general public which are meant to make their lives and interaction with government machinery easier and fruitful. In addition to big steps like Jan Dhan bank accounts, Mudra Yojna, free LPG for poor, there have been number of measures implemented to make government departments more responsive and approachable. Some of these points have overlap with economy and infrastructure issues, but they are mentioned here because they affect lives of citizens directly. and profoundly.. Some of these will be explained in detail in later posts.
  1. Red tape cut across various government departments. Steps like digital locker, self-attestation of documents and a few others meant to reduce paperwork, unnecessary delays and corruption implemented. 47* 62* 66* 67* 72* 107*
  2. Jan Dhan Yojna brings banking to the poorest and enables direct transfer of funds for subsidies and other welfare programs. This is one of the best measures in quite a long time meant for direct benefit of the poor. Reduces delays and corruption. 167* 168* 169* 170* 171* 172* 173* 175*
  3. Passport issue and re-issue process made much easier and faster. 110* 166*
  4. More platforms for feedback about government departments and policies created. Emphasis on transparency in governance and grievance redressal mechanisms. 79* 124* 116* 119*
  5. Steps taken to solve some employee issues related to Provident Fund, pensions and others. Lot more reforms still needed. 6* 18*
  6. Swachh Bharat Mission despite problems is showing some results. 85% of population now has access to toilets, compared to around 40% at start of program. According to WHO, 3 lakhs deaths caused by diarrhea were averted between 2014 and 2019. A lot of public places like railway stations are much cleaner. 175 * 176* 177* 178* 179*
  7. Ujwala Yojana, a scheme meant to eradicate use of polluting fuels like wood, coal, dung for cooking proves to be a good success. 5 crore new connections allotted ahead of target. 180* 181* 182* 183*
  8. While many countries struggle with it, India implements strong net neutrality rules. 184* 185*
  9. Multiple steps taken to improve conditions for farmers. Extra impetus on reducing malnutrition and increasing availability of nutritional food to citizens through various schemes. 186, 187, 188, 189 205* 206*
  10. Excellent work so far by power ministry bringing even the remotest places in India on electricity grid. A number of villages which had remained outside the grid now have electricity. Additionally, electricity production and distribution is much better. India has a power surplus and is 3rd largest electricity producer in world. Most of issues still remaining are more often than not due to inefficient and corrupt state electricity corporations. Cheap LED bulbs help in reducing power consumption. 190, 191 192* 193* 194* 195* 196* 197* 198* 199* 200* 201* 202*
  11. Much needed push for solar power with huge new solar power plants coming up. 203* 204*
  12. Pace of road construction across the country has picked up substantially and it has been the highest till now. Many remote regions have new connectivity and existing highways in most regions have been upgraded, 207* to 232* 26 \
  1. Inspite of all the schemes and subsidies, Indian agricultural sector suffers from various issues which will need a lot more work and better implementations. There has been no obvious solution of issues arising due to small size of land holdings, mimimum support prices and bureaucratic red tape.
  2. Swach Bharat mission has been partially successful at best.
  3. Implementation of digital measures meant to reduce red tape have had limited effect till now. Many people and govt departments remain unaware and disinterested in these changes.
SCORE: 7/10
If it was just the intention of projects mentioned here, this would be a full 10. But meaningful implementation of many of these projects is hampered by numerous factors like inefficient, corrupt bureaucracy, infinitely stupid and large population as well as mediocre planning. Some of these projects are longterm and the effects will be visible only after a certain amount of time.
If compared with UPA regime, this one is miles ahead in almost everything. But this is not a good enough standard to improve upon. There have been some good efforts from top, but on ground implementation has been good in only a few. Some of the long standing issues like reforms in bureaucracy, agriculture and a few other fields which will take more than just good intent and announcement of schemes.
  1. Fear of Narendra Modi makes babus finalize plans in 24 hours
  2. Working a 6-day week? No problem! Bureaucrats are loving Modi’s iron-fist
  3. Investments to get push as Modi govt takes green clearances online
  4. PM Narendra Modi scraps 4 Cabinet Committees, including one on UIDAI
  5. Modi govt puts NGOs under scan following IB warning
  6. Employees to get pension payment order on retirement day: Govt
  7. National acc wiil be-appointing authority for top officers
  8. Rajnath singh reviews citizens database scheme
  9. Centre cracks the whip on NGOs, direct foreign funding put on hold
  10. Government clears investment hurdles, gives go ahead to seven projects worth Rs 21,000 crore
  11. Narendra Modi cracks the whip on ministers’ foreign travels
  12. Forest ministry greenlights faster, simpler clearances; defence, roads get priority
  13. Modi austerity drive, no new cars for ministers, PMO to monitor spending
  14. 3 satellite cities being planned for re-settlement of Kashmiri Pandits
  15. Thirty days in office, Narendra Modi-led NDA working to keep promises
  16. Narendra Modi government to club three social security schemes
  17. Rajnath Singh sets a 3-yr deadline for NPR rollout, link to voter ID likely
  18. Register online, get provident fund code within hours
  19. 660 Nirbhaya Centres for women violence victims
  20. Passport delivery to become hassle-free, no police verification in case of renewal
  21. ‘No relevance’, Centre asks UN mission to vacate Delhi office
  22. New advisory to end ‘inspector raj’
  23. Centre to shield businesses from dreaded ‘inspector raj’ with new system
  24. Railways’ ‘silent killers’: Now, trains won’t stop at ‘MP stops’
  25. Managing of PM Relief Fund to be modelled on Gujarat scheme
  26. Fear and foreboding in South Block
  27. Government proposes changes in BIS to ensure product quality, withdrawal of substandard goods
  28. Narendra Modi government’s small reforms with big impact
  29. For the first time in the history, IAS officers sacked in disproportionate assets case–39518.html
  30. Centre clears revised norms for new airport bids in record time
  31. PM launches unique web platform to get citizens’ ideas for governance
  32. Govt dissolves Khadi commission
  33. Narendra Modi government asks ‘Babus’ to declare assets on or before September 15–39747.html
  34. Army Happy With ‘Quick’ Govt‘Quick’-Govt/2014/07/27/article2350296.ece
  35. Modi Cabinet clears labour reform Bills
  36. How Achche Din dawned for Std XI and XII students in Baramulla
  37. Madhya Pradesh govt rehabs Bangla non-Muslims
  38. Winds of change: Productivity of Lok Sabha climbs to 103%
  39. Government tells states to build detention centers for illegal Bangladeshis
  40. Cabinet clears amendments to Juvenile Justice Act paving way for harsher punishment
  41. Cabinet approves bill for judicial appointment body
  42. Administration Govt prepares bill to repeal 36 archaic laws Administration
  43. 13 reasons to cheer Modi sarkar’s first Parliament session
  44. 10 things that the Modi government is doing right
  45. Budget session productivity hits a high of 104%
  46. Bid to improve investment climate
  47. Marriage registrations to go online from next month
  48. New norms soon for PSU bank directors; CMD post to be split
  49. National Investigation Agency ropes in Indian Statistical Institute for study on fake currency notes
  50. 1 lakh per school to cover 10,000 schools.
  51. INDIA MODI-fied: Volume-3; The First Propulsion
  52. IRCTC to soon offer cash on delivery for rail tickets
  53. 100-day delivery: Modi ready with infra report card
  54. PM Modi sets up committee to identify ‘obsolete’ laws Manifesto Administration
  55. .भारत (.Bharat) top-level domain launched
  56. PM Modi’s big plan: Get education, medical & birth records online in a digital locker
  57. Buoyed by PM Modi’s election win, economy set to clock highest growth in 2 years
  58. 100 DAYS – A report card
  59. Job creation to inspector raj, government did its work
  60. Right and Radical The understated revolution of Prime Minister Narendra Modi
  61. Modi gets Lutyens’ bungalows vacated in three months
  62. Soon, single RTO visit will be sufficient Modi effect?
  63. Favouritism in govt decisions down, India improves global rank Modi effect?
  64. Jammu and Kashmir floods: Narendra Modi deploys successful Google app to find people
  65. Power, water supplies snapped in houses of Ajit Singh, Azharuddin
  66. Modi government promotes self attestation of documents
  67. Non-essential drugs: NPPA withdraws price control order
  68. Modi government launches website to track attendance of government employees
  69. Center launches Air Quality Index
  70. Narendra Modi government takes RTI to another level: All replies to be put online
  71. Modi government cancels golf memberships for bureaucrats
  72. Narendra Modi Cabinet to cut paper trail, go Kindle
  73. What triggered the crackdown
  74. When an “Aam Aadmi” exposed Journalist Mihir S Sharma
  75. Top-level corruption’s down in Modi govt, fingers crossed: India Inc
  76. Indian Railways launches country’s first customer complaint mobile app (IT)
  77. Mispricing exports, imports may land you in jail for 7 years
  78. Operation Smile: Rajnath Singh’s push helps recover 2500 missing children
  79. PM launches multi-purpose and multi-modal platform PRAGATI (Pro-Active Governance And Timely Implementation)
  80. Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approves innovative mechanism for utilization of stranded gas based generation capacity
  81. Formation of SPV to provide efficient rail evacuation systems to Major Ports
  82. Modi led NDA govt bypasses bid route, PGCIL to develop 20K MW green corridor
  83. Reclaim your inoperative EPFO a/c money
  84. Judicial reform proposals: Litigations to end in 3 to 5 years, summons to be sent by email
  85. In Big Relief for Farmers, PM Modi Announces More Compensation for Crop Damage
  86. Home Ministry freezes all 7 bank accounts of Greenpeace India
  87. LPG cash transfer plan takes commercial cylinder sales up
  88. PM Modi launches PRAGATI platform for redressal of grievances (DNA)
  89. Ford Foundation put under MHA watch list in “national interest and security” of India
  90. NaMo’s healing touch to Farmers – Direct Deposit of Relief to Jan Dhan Accounts
  91. Govt cancels licences of 8,975 NGOs for failing to file annual returns
  92. Bharat Mala: PM Narendra Modi’s planned Rs 14,000 crore road from Gujarat to Mizoram (ET)
  93. Cabinet clears stronger anti-corruption Act
  94. Prime Minister to Launch Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY), Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY) AND The Atal Pension Yojana (APY) on 9th May 2015 at Kolkata
  95. Narendra Modi government eases incorporation of business, process to take just 1 form starting today
  96. Forest fund gets Rs 38,000 crore boost
  97. India is in a much better place after one year of Modi rule
  98. One Year Later, India In Better Shape Under Modi
  99. One year of Modi government: A look at what does India Inc think
  100. Entire Machinery of Indian Railways Geared up for Implementation Work
  101. Govt goes after D-gang properties, to approach agencies abroad
  102. Black Money Bill with more teeth gets Rajya Sabha approval
  103. Switzerland begins naming Indians, foreigners being probed at home for tax evasion
  104. Narendra Modi government booted out 460 leaders from Lutyens bungalows
  105. How the PM dismantled the transfer-posting industry
  106. Meet India’s chief human resources officer
  107. Live paperless; keep sensitive data, documents safe in DigiLocker
  108. With 1500 squatters kicked out from Lutyens bungalows, it might explain why its always Modi vs All 109 Govt pushes squatters out of Lutyens Bungalow Zone, only 4 left
  109. Police verification no longer required for reissue of passports: Govt
  110. Govt’s ultimatum to road developers: Perform or perish
  111. 2,200 corrupt govt officials identified in 2015, CBI says
  112. Narendra Modi government evicts record number of illegal occupants from Lutyens Delhi
  113. Parrikar finds $3 bn lying forgotten in US account
  114. India denies visas to US religious freedom body
  115. FCI goes online, links 30 godowns in 1st phase
  116. Big reform: Modi government plans to redeploy bureaucrats and reduce patronage postings
  117. 15 customs and central excise personnel fired: Sacking signals crackdown on laggards
  118. Modi government makes 8 lakh calls in 10 days to check success of four big schemes
  119. The biggest ever fire sale of Indian corporate assets has begun, to tide over bad loans crisis
  120. Blackmoney: Govt unearths indirect tax evasion of Rs 50,000 crore in two years
  121. The Mauritius Loophole: The Story Of Its Origin And How India Finally Managed To Shut It Infrastructure
  122. Rs. 43,000 Crore In Black Money Recovered In 2 Years: Revenue Secretary
  123. Why PM Modi called this Tripura IAS officer at 10pm
  124. PM Narendra Modi’s Cleanliness Drive Frees Up Space For 50 In His Office
  125. Ford Foundation-govt stand-off ends as NGO agrees to come under Fema
  126. Home Ministry freezes all 7 bank accounts of Greenpeace India
  127. Govt to net Rs 10,000 crore from Swiss bank accounts by March-end: SIT
  128. Swiss banks up black money vigil as India threatens criminal action
  129. CBI raids P Chidambaram and son Karti’s residence in Chennai; Congress calls it political vendetta by BJP
  130. Banking scam has UPA era roots
  131. Modi Govt @ 4: How the Dread of Deadlines Revamped Sarkaari Offices
  132. Private Sector Professionals Can Be Bureaucrats, 10 Senior Posts Open
  133. Alternative to IAS? Modi govt opens lateral entry for professionals as Joint Secretaries; details here
  134. Lateral Entry: Landmark step by Modi govt to equip bureaucracy for challenges and opportunities
Rest of link in comments. Reddit is changing the numbering pattern in links on comments on it's own. Original post :
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Sometimes the best things in life are free, like these great Mac apps!

Get the greatest free apps on your Mac without having to dig through the entire Mac App Store!
The Mac App Store is full of all manner of apps, from simple utilities to complex programs. New apps are published every day, making it hard to find the best of the best — which is where we come in. We've gathered the best free apps for the Mac, all in one place so you don't have to go digging.

My criteria for apps on this list

In researching the best free apps for the Mac, I started by using Apple's category list. This makes it easier to cover the wide variety of content available. If an app is on the Mac App Store, it is in one of the 21 categories that Apple has listed.
Because this is a "free" app list, I tried to only include apps that are truly free or whose functionality is not diminished without an in-app purchase. You will see some apps that have premium content that can be unlocked with an in-app purchase, but I've included them on the list because I feel that the free content is noteworthy.
Since this is a list of apps, I'm not including services that only have websites without a dedicated app (there are two exceptions to this rule on the list, but they are totally worthy of rule-bending).
I've included some apps that are not available in the Mac App Store. That's because some of the best apps in a given category are so much better than any Mac App Store counterpart that I couldn't exclude them.
Though this list is long, it is by no means complete. There are just too many free Mac apps available to include everything. If you don't see your favorite free Mac app on this list, please add it in the comments section with your reason for why it stands out. (Remember: It has to be truly free or the free version of an otherwise premium app that is noteworthy.)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



Slack is a must-have app for anyone working remotely with others. It is the best business chat app around. The Mac app is a chat window, so you can keep your conversations going without having to log into a web browser every time. You can have multiple accounts running at the same time and there are dozens of helpful bots that you can add to any chat room.
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Wave is one of those exceptions to the rule of no services without a dedicated app. It is a free software tool for small businesses. You can use it for invoicing, receipts, accounting, and more. You can also add credit card processing and payroll for a small additional fee. It is set up to work with what your business needs are. If you don't need a feature, you aren't paying for it. If you only need a feature sometimes, you only pay when you use it. Because Wave is dedicated to making small business tools work the way small business owners need them to, I've included it on this list.
See at Wave

Developer tools


Xcode is the macOS, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS developer's handiest tool. It supports coding for Swift, Objective-C, Python, and a whole lot more. It can build universal binary files to run on PowerPC and Intel-based computers, and developers can create apps for 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. It's got everything an Apple coder needs.
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When it comes to coding, nothing keeps your characters more organized than TextWrangler. The text editor works with a wide variety of coding syntax and even has color coding for different programming languages. You can easily access files on FTP and SFTP servers. It is also a fantastic app for non-programmers for its many smaller details, like line wrapping, email templates, and quote styles. It is one of the best free code editors around.
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Atom is another fantastic, free text and code editor for the Mac. This one is not available in the Mac App Store, but is highly rated among programmers. It has a built-in package manager with wide support for a number of different packages. It integrates with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Node.js and allows programmers to code across platforms. It is highly customizable so that you can create the most ideal coding atmosphere to help keep you working quickly.
See at Atom


Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another exception to my rule that a service must have a dedicated app, but it is such a fantastic learning website, rich with online study courses of all levels — for free — that I had to include it. You can learn the colors of the rainbow or the Pythagorean Theorem. It covers basic subjects and works you into deeper involvement, just like you would start off taking basic classes in school and move into more advanced curricula. You can also prepare for the SAT, MCAT, GMAT, IIT JEE, and NCLEX-RN with excellent study guides. It is a great resource for getting started or back into your education.
See at Khan Academy

iTunes U

Right inside the iTunes app on your Mac is a universe of knowledge. There are thousands of specialized courses, which you can download for free, that are lead by professors at some of the most popular colleges in the world. You can learn statistics from Harvard, business from Stanford, psychology from Yale, and much more. Subjects cover architecture to women's studies, with practically everything you can think of in between. To access iTunes U, open iTunes on your Mac and select it from the menu.
See the subjects



HandBrake is a free, open-source software program that lets you convert practically any media file to MP4, M4V, or MKV. You can convert your entire DVD or Blu-ray collection into digital form to watch on your Apple TV without having to pay someone to do it for you. You can quickly choose which type of device you want your file to be transcoded to support (like iOS or tvOS) and then get to converting within just a few seconds. For more advanced file conversion fans, there are a number of great features to help you perfect your digital movie catalog.
See at HandBrake

VLC media player

VLC is the best free, open-source media player for the Mac. With it, you can play nearly any media file, including MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MKV, WebM, WMV, and much more. It has a number of customizable features so you can create your ideal viewing situation or set up your music listening experience the way you want. It does support DVD and Blu-ray decryption through the libdvdcss library if you are so inclined to use it.
See at VideoLan


If you're not using Apple Music (actually, even if you are), Spotify is the next best music streaming service for the Mac. With the Mac app, you can listen to thousands of songs across all genres. It includes a useful playlist section so you can keep track of your favorite music. It also has a great music discovery section where you can see what's trending or music you might like based on what you've been listening to. The social aspect makes it one of my favorite free social media apps for the iPhone, too.
See at Spotify

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Debit & Credit - Personal Finance

If you prefer to keep track of your finances manually, Debit & Credit is a great checkbook balancing app (I know, no one balances a checkbook anymore). You manually enter every transaction and income, and you can keep track of what you're spending with the budget list. The report feature is the best. You can view your spending habits by category, where you spend, your income and expenses differences, whether you are able to save, and more. There is an in-app purchase to unlock more than two accounts, but if you only have two bank accounts, you don't need the premium service.
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Money Wiz 2 ~ Personal Finance

Money Wiz is a great personal finance tracker for balancing your bank account. The free version lets you manually add account information like income, expenses, and account transfers. If you sign up for the monthly subscription, you can connect your online bank accounts and have the work done for you. You can also create a budget (though you can only track one budget before being asked to upgrade). You can also set up a schedule reminder to keep you on track for paying bills that are due at the same time each month. It features a few more customizable features, like creating a new category for income and expenses, as well as creating financial reports based on your net worth, cash flow, and balance over time. Money Wiz works better with the subscription upgrade, but is very useful for keeping your checking accounts balanced.
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Graphics & Design


GIMP is pretty much the open-source version of Photoshop. You can fix minor photo errors, like light balance and contrast, or manipulate your image using the masking and removing features, similar to that of Photoshop's. You can also add filters, resize, create layers, mix up background objects, and a whole lot more. It's the best free version of Photoshop you can use on the Mac.
See at Gimp

Autodesk Sketchbook

Autodesk is famous for its artists' apps, which feature a rich selection of brushes that seem hyper-realistic. You can use it to create vector graphic images, illustrations, and photorealistic works of art. There are dozens of customizable pens, pencils, and paintbrushes, and the color palette is so robust that you can perfectly match practically any color in the world. The free download comes with dozens of amazing tools, but you can upgrade to the pro version to unlock even more options. It is a graphic artist's best tool on the Mac.
Download now

Health & Fitness

Time Out - Break Reminders

Taking a moment for oneself is one of the most difficult health and fitness steps to take. We get so caught up with our busy schedules that we forget to stop for a moment. Time Out forces you to take those little breaks by dimming your screen so you can't use it for a specified amount of time. You can set up small breaks every hour, micro-breaks every 15 minutes, and lunch breaks to get your eyes off the screen for a half-hour or so. You can configure how long the breaks are and how often you take them. It'll make your eyes, your muscles, and your heart a little bit healthier every day you use it.
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Relax Lite - Stress and Anxiety Relief

When the stress of the day starts to overwhelm you, use Relax to help you take things down a notch. It is a simple window with relaxing visual images and calming music that includes special tones to help cue your breathing exercises. There are guided meditation sessions you can take part in and deep-breathing exercises that will help you focus and reduce stress. Sometimes, you just need to check out for 10 minutes in order to be a more productive person.
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iBooks Author

If you fancy yourself a writer, Apple's iBooks Author is the perfect app to get your work published without having to sign a publishing contract. You can use Apple's pre-made templates to help facilitate the perfect design. Add images, a video introduction, book cover, and more for a more immersive experience. With the multitouch widgets, you can make your pages interactive. Add photos, audio, Keynote presentations, and 3D objects. When you've finished you can upload it to the iBooks Store with the in-app export tools. You'll be a famous author before you know it!
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How many chat and messaging programs are you signed up with? If it's more than one, you need Trillian. It combines all of your chat and messaging accounts into one simple interface so you don't have to switch between apps to talk to your friends and family. You can chat through Facebook, Twitter, Google Chat, Yahoo, Bonjour, and more, all in one window. Chat services are delineated by color coding, so you know where a message is coming from. If you have too many chat channels and want to keep them all in one place, use Trillian to keep them organized.
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Complete Anatomy

You've never seen the human body the way it is presented in this medical book. It shows you the entire make up of the body's systems. For free, you can examine, in interactive 3D, the entire skeletal and connective tissue layers, including names of bones, surfaces, insertion points, and more. You can zoom in on specific areas of the body for detailed interactions and animate muscle movements. You'll learn more about human anatomy than you ever thought possible.
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Audacity is one of the best free audio editors. You can record live audio for podcasts, turn tapes and records into digital music, and edit tracks. If the original recording is a little too bright, you can add a filter to bring down the highs. Trim the excess off of the front or back of a recording, and even blend one track into another. It is very easy to use, so you don't have to be a professional recording artist to get into it.
See at Audacity

Cross DJ Free

DJ programs can be a pain in the pocketbook. If you're just learning the ropes or want to have a homegrown dance party, don't spend the heavy cash. Cross DJ makes it possible for you to spin the beats without the expensive software. It features waveforms, beat sync, track cueing, loops, digital scratching, and more. It accesses your iTunes library directly, so you don't even have to load up new music. You may eventually upgrade to a more robust DJ app, but this is definitely a great starter program.
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The popular song identification program that was folded into Siri on the iPhone is also available on the Mac. Shazam listens to your music and tells you what you want to know about it. While it's running, it will tell you the name of a song and artist. While you're listening to tunes, it will automatically create a playlist of tracks you can listen to with Apple Music (when available), even if you are currently listening to music with a different service. Click a track to see lyrics and watch music videos on Shazam's website, too.
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RSS Bot - News Notifier

RSS Bot is like having a news feed right in your Menu bar. When you log in, you can add any RSS feed to it and then quickly view new content with a single click. You can set up the service to notify you when new posts are published, or just check on things yourself when you have the time. If you read a blog that covers more subjects than you are interested in, you can set up a filter that will only show you articles that match keywords you designate.
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Pocket is sort of like the folder your mom used to keep with newspaper and magazine clippings in it. You can save articles, videos, recipes, and more, right in Pocket for reading later. It's the perfect app for people who like to browse the entirety of the internet with no real focus, but don't have the time to read everything they come across. Save articles for offline viewing so you can read new content while you are on the bus or at the park. The app has a nifty tool that highlights the most important articles of the day, so you can read content organized by priority.
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Fotor is a super easy photo editing app for the Mac that lets you create fun and unique projects from your collection. You can adjust the lighting, tweak the white balance, add a fun border, lay on a filter, and even add text boxes. It supports batch editing, so you can stylize all of your vacation photos at the same time. The collage tool lets you create pages with multiple photos that you can customize to your liking. It is a fun, simple way to edit your photos without the complex tools that you need to know about with Photoshop.
Download now

Polarr Photo Editor Lite

Polarr is a basic photo editing app with excellent tools for image adjusting. You can adjust color, light, clarity, highlights, shadows, and more. Add effects like color shadows, lens distortions, vignettes, and filters. This app works best when you are trying to enhance your pictures, not when you are trying to get artsy with them. If you can't seem to get your picture just right, trigger one of the helpful tutorials to learn how to brighten dark images or properly add white balance. There are dozens of pro-level tools, but they are designed to be used by anyone.
Download now

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Wunderlist is the best task manager app you can get without paying for it. You can create different lists and add time-sensitive projects to them, create tasks with recurring due dates, and share your lists with others. It syncs across Mac and iOS, so you can take your lists with you everywhere you go. You'll always be ready to take care of business. You can set due dates for tasks and reminders to help keep you on task. You can also include subtasks for specific projects and leave yourself a note if you need more details. Tag a task as important and it will move to the top of your list.
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Evernote is like that basket you have next to the couch or that drawer in your kitchen that has _everything_in it. You can clip web pages, link status updates, add music, store pictures, create new notes, and share anything you want with others. Not only is it the perfect junk drawer for every digital thing you could possibly want to save, but it is also totally organizable so your junk looks more like a perfectionist's desk. You can make checklists, set reminders, drop notes into existing documents, annotate pictures, and all manner of stuff. It does practically everything except fix the kitchen sink.
Download now


TickTick is a great choice if you want an easy to use task manager that is still powerful enough to help you feel productive. TickTick is completely cross-platform across 10 different platforms, and you can even access all of your tasks on the web. Adding tasks can be done with a keyboard shortcut, you get instant reminders, flexibility with recurring tasks and priority levels, checklists, and sync. There are no restrictions, but you can go with TickTick Premium for more features like grid views of timeline and calendars, smart lists, sub-task reminders, and more. They're nice bonuses, but you can get the basic functionality (which is more than enough for most) for free.
Download now

Microsoft OneNote

If Evernote isn't really your thing (you do need a subscription to get the most use out of it), then consider Microsoft OneNote. Think of OneNote as your digital notebook for capturing everything: thoughts, discoveries, ideas, notes, etc. You can create multiple notebooks for different topics or subjects, and each notebook can hold an unlimited number of notes. Your notes can include just plain text, drawings, PDF documents, files, web snippets, and pretty much anything else you would possibly need to reference later.
Download now

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If you love reading eBooks, then the Kindle app is a must-have for your Mac. With the Kindle app, you'll get access to your collection of Amazon Kindle books, and Amazon Whispersync means they'll also be accessible on your other devices too, including iPhone and iPad. Whispersync will keep track of the last page you read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights, so you simply pick up where you left off on your Mac, Kindle, iPhone, or iPad. The Kindle app also lets you sample books for free, and you can purchase directly from the Kindle bookstore, or import your own eBooks.
Download now


Apple geeks, pay attention. This little reference tool is going to impress you. It features detailed information on every single Apple product ever made, including things like processor speeds, original price, and current selling price. Did you know that the first Macintosh only had 1 MB of memory? With Mactracker, you will know all about all the Macs. And, you can input your own Apple devices, too. So you can keep track of what you own and whether it is still under warranty. It covers more than just Mac's too. You can look up servers, PowerBooks, and every software update for every device.
Download now


Sometimes, you're just trying to find that perfect word, the one that rhymes perfectly for your song or the one that is similar to the word you are thinking of, but works better in a sentence. Megawords is a simple little app that gives you a wealth of information in just a few seconds. You can look up anagrams, find rhymes, and even get a little help with crossword puzzles. Type in a word to get the dictionary definition, synonyms, and even geographical information if the word happens to also be the name of a place.
Download now

Social Networking

Friendly for Twitter

Friendly for Twitter is a lightweight app that lets you log in to all of your Twitter accounts, and then some. Friendly acts as a lightweight chrome around the Twitter web app, so it's fast and light. You can also add your Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Linkedin profiles, and more. Friendly also gives you two options to view Twitter: Twitter Mobile or Tweetdeck styles, so you can pick the one that suits your needs.
Download now


If you're using Twitter primarily for publishing, marketing, or just a power-user, then you may want to look into Tweetdeck. It's a flexible Twitter app that lets you have multiple columns side-by-side, so you can see more tweets in a single glance. The app also recently gained nice features like Dark Mode and custom themes.
Download now

PhotoFeed - for Instagram

Can't get enough Instagram? Then you should download PhotoFeed - for Instagram on your Mac. This simple app allows you to log in to your Instagram account, so you can browse your feed, like photos, and leave comments. You know, without having to go on your phone! It's basic, but it gets the job done. You do need to have an Instagram account to use it though, as it won't work without a login.
Download now


Apple Maps

Apple's built-in mapping service is really convenient to have on the Mac. You may not realize how often you look up the location of something while on your computer, but it is a fairly common occurrence, at least for me. Having Maps integrated with every aspect of your Mac makes it easy to look up directions from anywhere, like an email, a website, or a contact card. Siri can use Apple Maps to help you find all manner of locations in just a few seconds. It's already on your Mac and works great with all of the other built-in apps, too.

Google Earth

You may think of Google Maps as a means to get from point A to point B, but there is so much more to discover on this big blue marble than just driving directions. You can virtually travel the globe, visiting cities you'll never get to in real life. Walk around Manhattan with Street View, visit the swelling seas, and even look up to see the stars above you. With the time travel feature, you can go back decades to see what your house looked like, long before you lived there. Google Earth is less of a mapping service and more like a wealth of global information at your fingertips
See at Google



f.lux is the original maker of soft, yellow-hued lighting for digital screens. You can set it to your local time and your screen will automatically start to dim and turn a slight yellow color. You can customize the effect by increasing or decreasing the intensity and there are additional color effects, like "Movie mode" and "Darkroom" which drastically alter your screen's lighting, but under specific circumstances that you choose. f.lux is designed to help relieve eye strain due to late-night computer use. It is a great utility to have on your Mac.
See at Flux

Parcel - Delivery Tracking

Thanks to the mega-boom in online retail services, we are getting packages delivered more often than ever before, and not just during the holidays. Parcel is easy to use. All you have to do is copy a tracking number and then click on the plus (+) button in the Parcel app and the carrier information will be added automatically. You can add a title description and then keep an eye on how much longer before your package will be at your doorstep. You can add a widget to Notification Center and use Spotlight to look up tracking information. You can only track three packages at a time without an in-app purchase, but the premium price is only $2.99 per year.
Download now

The Unarchiver

If you regularly get large files sent to you, you'll love what the Unarchiver can do for you. It quickly unzips compressed and archived files from a number of different sources, including Zip RAR, 7-zip, and more, and it will open older archives from Stuffit, ARC and ISO disc images. As easy as it is to use Apple's Archive utility to simply unzip large files, the Unarchiver takes care of older content that can be a real pain to get open, since it uses smart detection to encode files correctly so that you won't end up with a bunch of garbled text. It is a fantastic secondary utility for opening files on your Mac.
Download now

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GIPHY Capture - The GIF Maker

Giphy, which supplies the single largest collection of GIFs across the internet, has a GIF maker so you can join in the fun. It features a recording window that you place over anything you want to record. You can capture still shots or videos (iTunes movies will go black under the GIPHY Capture app due to copyright protection). After recording the section you want to use as a GIF, you can edit it by trimming, resizing, and looping it. You can also add a caption to turn it into a meme. When you're done, you can upload it to to share with the rest of the world. Who knows, maybe your GIF will go viral.
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Smart Converter

Consumption of entertainment is going digital and it is much easier to simply watch one of your DVD or Blu-ray discs as a digital file right in iTunes instead of having to walk over to your shelf, find the title, walk over to your player, insert the disc, and hit play. With Smart Converter, you can turn all of your movies, TV shows, and homemade videos into files that you can watch from whichever device you prefer. It is specially designed to make it easy to resize and convert files into content fit for your Apple TV, Mac, iPad, or iPhone, but you can also select and convert for dozens of devices, including non-Apple products. When the conversion is finished, simply add it to whatever streaming service you use with your device and your content is ready to watch. It is super easy to use for conversion beginners, too.
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Blender is an open-source video creation app that lets you make animations, 3D models, games, and more. It supports modeling rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, composition, and motion tracking. Because it is open-source, developers are constantly creating and sharing tools that others can use, such as textures, 3D character builds, and cartoons. If you are ready to take your animation to the next level, Blender is the best option for free on the Mac.
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WeatherBug Lite

If you just want a quick glance at the current temperature, WeatherBug Lite is just what you need. It is a Menu bar app that always shows the current temperature and weather condition. All you have to do is look up. If you want more information, you can click on the Menu bar widget to get an hourly forecast and a current weather radar. If you really want to get into the nitty-gritty, click on a stat to open WeatherBug on the web, where you can find out about windshield, sunrise, rainfall, and more. WeatherBug Lite is the perfect little at-a-glance weather app because it's always on.
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Your favorites?

Though this list is long, it is by no means complete. There are just too many free apps available for the Mac to include everything. If you don't see your favorite free Mac app on this list, please add it in the comments section with your reason for why it stands out (Remember: It has to be truly free, or the free version of an otherwise premium app that is noteworthy.)
August 2019: Removed apps that are no longer free or available. Added Kindle, Microsoft OneNote, TickTick, Friendly for Twitter, Tweetdeck, and PhotoFeed - for Instagram. These are the best free apps for your Mac!
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